Essay about air pollution cause and effect

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Essay On Air Pollution

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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay on any Topic

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Bohol Powered by Law your own unique website with customizable discards. Those bacteria which are transmitted from air to chocolate infect man causing bacillary dysentery, expertise, typhoid and paratyphoid fever. Posted by David Tucker to. Writing Tips; A cause and effect relationship means that one thing causes another one (or that one thing is the effect of another one).

Air pollution is contamination of air through the introduction of particles such as biological molecules and other harmful substances into the atmosphere; the particles introduced into the air can cause diseases, allergies, environment damage, and death. A cause and Effect essay is where a writer analyses the consequences or reasons for a subject,action or event.

There are different types of cause and effect that one may take into consideration. Air pollution is both natural and human-based. Natural air pollution is caused by phenomenon such as volcanic eruption, wind erosion, decomposition and radioactive materials. Writing essay can only do as much in explaining each cause.

Causes of Air Pollution.

Cause and Effect Essay Example: Air Pollution Poignant Matters

Improper industrialization: Power plants provide the majority of electricity we use and is why they are the biggest reason for air fuels when burned release harmful greenhouse gases that are left to mingle with the atmosphere, leading to a greenhouse effect.

Inthe World Bank issued a report targeting China's policy towards industrial pollution. The report stated that "hundreds of thousands of premature deaths and incidents of serious respiratory illness have been caused by exposure to industrial air pollution.

Essay about air pollution cause and effect
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